International Gathering - 5  July, 2009 at Evesham Country Park, Worcestershire

The Winners – BEST VOLVO COMPETITION 2009 : International Gathering atEvesham Country Park, Worcestershire. (Voted by Attending Members)

“Simply the Best 2008” – The Margaret Price Memorial Trophy (Open only to vehicles, which have previously won ‘Best Car’)
Colin Tatlow                 Volvo PV444-08                           1957                      Reg. No.  348 BAF

Runner-up - Simply the Best Car – The Fred Price Memorial Trophy”
Rob Greenwood,            Volvo 1800ES                              1973                      Reg. No.  VKX 476L

 “Volvo Enthusiasts Club – Best Car 2009 – The Christina Stadden Memorial Trophy”
Wayne Brown                  Volvo 740GLE                           1986                       Reg. No.  C493 NHR

‘Runner Up Best Car 2009 – The Chairman’s Trophy’
Andrew & Kim Dickens  Volvo 1800S                               1967                       Reg. No. JUF 186E

Volvo Concessionaires Trophy – “Most Original Car 2008”
Tony & Gillian Whitton                 Volvo 142                    1967                      Reg. No.  ULA 476L

Founder Trophy – “Best Restoration by a Member 2007/2008”
No Entries

The Mike Lawrence Memorial Trophy – “Oldest Volvo Driven to the Gathering”
Colin Tatlow                Volvo PV444 08                              1957                     Reg. No.  349 BAF


PV’s                  1st     Colin Tatlow               PV444 08        1957                     Reg. No. 349 BAF
120 Series         1st      Peter Titley                 132                  1970                     Reg. No. BYM 60H
                          2nd     John Kemp                 131                  1967                     Reg.  No. TVT 146G
1800P/S/E         1st     Andrew & Kim Dickens 1800S          1967                     Reg. No.   JUF 186E
                          2nd     Graham Hunt             1800S               1969                     Reg. No.  JHX 943G
1800ES              1st     Rob Greenwood         1800ES            1973                     Reg. No. VKX 476L         
140  Series         1st     Malcolm Brown         144DL              1973                     Reg. No. GAD 478L
                           2nd    Tony & Gillian Whitton   142             1967                     Reg. No. ULA 349F
164                     1st     Michael Byrne            164                   1972                     Reg. No. NTF 58K  
200 Series          1st     Gary Hunt                    244DL             1979                     Reg. No.  XHC 775T
66/300 Series    No Entries
400 Series         1st     Glynn Jones               480GT               1994                     Reg. No.  M788 ALR
                          2nd    Penny Connerton       480GT               1994                     Reg. No.  M620 VES
700/900 Series  1st     Wayne Brown            740                    1986                     Reg. No.  C493 NHR
                          2nd    Robert Hughes           740                    1986                     Reg. No.  C395 STF
850 Series         1st                                        850                    1996                     Reg. No.  P244 UHS
                          2nd    Gavin Maton              850T5                1996                    Reg. No.  N56 ACX  
Best Modern Saloon    
                           1st     V. Bloor                    960                    1981                     Reg. No.  J975 CTV
Best Modern Estate            
                           1st     Gavin Maton            850T5                1996                      Reg. No.  N56 ACX


:“The PV Co-ordinators Trophy – presented by Colin & May Tatlow  – Best PV”
Colin Tatlow                     Volvo PV444 08                            1957                     Reg. No.  349 BAF

“Phyllis Patchton Memorial Trophy – Best Amazon”
Peter Titley                        Volvo  132                                    1970                     Reg. No. BYM 60H

“Ted Wills Trophy – Best 1800 Coupe”
Andrew & Kim Dickens   Volvo 1800S                                 1967                     Reg. No.  JUF 186E

“Enthusiasts Spares Trophy – Best 1800ES”
Rob Geenwood                   Volvo 1800ES                              1973                    Reg. No. VKX 476L

“The Membership Secretary Trophy’ presented by Christina Stadden – Best 140 Series”
Malcolm Brown                    Volvo 144DL                             1973                     Reg. No. GAD 478L

“The Vic Barnes Shield – Best 164”

Michael Byrne                     Volvo 164                                   1972                     Reg. No. NTF 58K

 “The Matthew Stadden Trophy – Best 300 Series”

No Entries

“Cumbers Garage Salver – Best Car Owned & Driven by a Member Under 25 years old”

No Entries

 “Stan Graham Trophy – Most Original 1800”
Martin Holloway                  Volvo 1800S                              1969                    Reg. No.  WMY 149G

 “Barrie Sutcliffe Trophy – Best Jensen Built P1800”

No Entries

 “Pretty Garages Trophy – Best Engine Bay”
Gary Hunt                              Volvo 244DL                             1979                    Reg. No.  XHC  775T

“Cumbers Garage Trophy – Best 120 Interior”

Paul Mc Carthy                       Volvo 221 Est                            1966                    Reg. No.  JLY 793D

“The Bodyline Trophy- presented by Bob Nash - Best Commercial Volvo”

Colin Hughes                    Volvo 700                                         1990                     Reg. No. G777 WTM

“Volvo Monster Miler” – The Rob Greenwood “Just for the Record” Trophy :-“Furthest Distance travelled in a Classic Volvo during past year.”
No Entries

“Bob Clarke Trophy – Best Competition/Modified Volvo”

Peter Titley                        Volvo  132                                    1970                     Reg. No. BYM 60

 “Best New Volvo in Car Park Pre 15 years old”

Best ‘Modern’ Saloon          V. Bloor                          Volvo 960           1995  Reg. No.  J975 CTV
Best ‘Modern’ Estate            Gavin Maton                  Volvo 850T5       1996  Reg. No.  N56 ACX
“Furthest Distance Travelled to the Event in a Classic Volvo”
Great Britain                       Colin Tatlow     Volvo PV444 08    1958                   Reg. No.   349 BAF

 “Best (Junior)Volvo Model Collection” – Open to Members ‘Children’

Danielle Bloor
Please Note: All the above winners were voted for by attending members, except for the Volvo Concessionaires Trophy – “Most Original Car” etc which were judged by a team chosen from the Clubs Technical Co-Ordinators etc on their behalf.
TROPHIES WANTED: If you would like to donate a trophy to be awarded at next years International Gathering, please contact Email

PHOTOGRAPHS OF OUR INTERNATIONAL GATHERING – Photographs on this Web Site taken by various Members.

A DATE FOR THE DIARY – 2009 INTERNATIONAL GATHERING -  4th  JULY, 2010 – Venue to be confirmed.