NEC November 2015!

The Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Motor Show - November 2015

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The Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Motor Show - November 2015      

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Well our biggest Show Event of the year has been and gone and it’s time to reflect on what was without doubt one of the very best NEC Classics.
             Our Stand this year featured a great selection of cars including the ex King Gustaf VI Royal car, a 1953 Volvo PV831 Limousine, which had been featured on the Shows Website and also in the Show Guide, owned by Kevin our Club Founder, and the Stand Organiser.
             This year is the 30th Birthday of Volvo’s first Front Wheel Drive Car, the Volvo 480ES and to celebrate this event our representative was Alan and Pat Orgill’s 1993 480ES, which had won Best Car the previous Summer at our Club’s Founder’s Day in June. Runner–up to the 480ES at Founders Day was also displayed on the stand, John Kemp’s lovely 131, which was featured on ‘Car SOS’ earlier this year when they restored an Amazon from Denmark.
               Two of the clubs youngest members, Natasha and Courtney Skeet brought along their ongoing restoration project, a 1990 340 Auto with CVT Transmission, which caused a lot of interest with younger visitors interested in RWD cars for the pastime of ‘Drifting’!
               Colin Hughes, our Principle contact brought along with Robert, his latest acquisition, which he had previously premiered at the Manchester Classic Car Show. Colin purchased the car following an Advert on Ebay – headlining the vehicle for sale as a ‘Banger Racer’. The vehicle in question is a one-off Hearse, built from a 740 Estate owned by the Funeral director, who could not at the time find a replacement for his Hearse, so he had his own daily driver converted!
              Joining the Club Display Team for his first show was Stu Mills, our recently appointed Volvo FWD and Tuning Co-ordinator. Millsy as he is known brought along his latest purchase a V70 Police Estate, complete with all kit, lights, horns etc; which caused great interest with visitors, some of whom actually drove the car when in Police Service with Cambridge Constabulary.
              New for this year was the Club Desk, which really did work well, allowing prospective new members and others to gain information easily from the permanently manned area.
              In addition to our display, Kevin’s famous, ‘original’ Roger Moore TV Saint Car, 71 DXC aka ‘ST 1’, which had been featured in current issue of Practical Classics Magazine was also on display at the show on the Practical Classics Stand and the original XJS from ‘Return of the Saint’ was also on a PC display in another part of the show.
              Fuzz Townsend and Car SOS also had an 1800S on display which they reunited with its owner on the Sunday of the show.
              Lancaster Insurance, sponsors of the show also had a white 1800 on their stand, making 3 white ones in total – like buses, you never see one and three come bye! This car was part of their ‘Miss World’ display, with cars from around the world representing counties, to be judged by visitors in order to find the ultimate Miss World. The 1800 was another Jensen built P1800 similar to Kevin’s Saint Car.
                All in all, it was a great show, which started for Kevin, Jim and Sean Skeet on the Wednesday of the show week, delivering 3 of the cars and all the materials of build the stand and ended on the Monday afternoon collecting cars and materials from the Hall.  Thanks to them and to John Kemp, Alan Orgill, Stu Mills plus Kevin, for building the stand on the Thursday and all the other Display Team Members, Colin Hughes, Robert Hughes, Debbie Skeet, Roger Parish, Pat Orgill and Natashia & Courtney Skeet who helped them man the stand for the three days of the show. Our thanks to all those Members old and new who came along and gave us their support and to Alison of Clarion Exhibitions for all her help and support – A great show - See you all again next year

ArrivalsArrivals A dry day!A dry day! Ex Royal Car arrivesEx Royal Car arrives Build upBuild up Startint to take shape as cars arriveStartint to take shape as cars arrive 66 John Kemp’s lovely 131John Kemp’s lovely 131 Colin's one-off Hearse, built from a 740 Estate owned by the Funeral directorColin's one-off Hearse, built from a 740 Estate owned by the Funeral director Police pulled over?Police pulled over? V70 Police Estate by MillsyV70 Police Estate by Millsy Now then?Now then? Full LiveryFull Livery POLICE STOP!POLICE STOP! Ne nah ne nah Millsy?Ne nah ne nah Millsy? Kevin's ex King Gustaf VI Royal car, a 1953 Volvo PV831 LimousineKevin's ex King Gustaf VI Royal car, a 1953 Volvo PV831 Limousine Must be fit for a King?Must be fit for a King? To the opening of stateTo the opening of state Your Limo awaits ....Your Limo awaits .... plenty of leg roomplenty of leg room 1953 Volvo PV831 Limousine1953 Volvo PV831 Limousine